Browser Summary  

The Browser Summary identifies the most popular web browsers used to visit this site.
Browsers are broken down by recognized categories such as Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, WebTV, Opera and the like. Within each category is also a subgroup by version number such as 'MSIE 5.0' or 'Netscape 4.5'.

This report shows the first 15 results by number of requests. This report is sorted by number of requests.

Browser Summary: Number of requests by Browser Type.

Browser TypeNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredNumber of page requests
1.Safari1,059,83119.288 GB903,244
    Safari/537978,84716.130 GB862,815
    Safari/60235,2481.043 GB16,989
    Safari/953717,8891.395 GB7,615
    Safari/6017,514317.065 MB3,731
    Safari/6046,119180.804 MB2,345
    Safari/6035,12372.755 MB3,049
    Safari/6004,558102.348 MB3,138
    Safari/5381,89026.872 MB1,759
    Safari/5341,47619.858 MB1,052
    Safari/85363254.378 MB144
    Safari/5332303.952 MB176
    Safari/5351902.811 MB141
    Safari/5361202.540 MB94
    Safari/7534761.072 MB42
    Safari/53246695.330 KB46
    Safari/653341334.995 KB13
    Safari/53139664.495 KB24
    Safari/52520316.932 KB20
    Safari/11604810.953 KB0
    Safari/5308105.761 KB8
2.Netscape (compatible)707,82012.442 GB564,527
3.Firefox368,2465.985 GB336,061
    Firefox/5270,5721.103 GB66,548
    Firefox/4366,1821.050 GB65,999
    Firefox/5359,285976.385 MB56,822
    Firefox/4445,391739.584 MB45,372
    Firefox/5020,760306.286 MB19,363
    Firefox/5114,732221.071 MB12,323
    Firefox/314,524651.313 MB14,321
    Firefox/479,775148.036 MB9,493
    Firefox/459,549149.394 MB8,963
    Firefox/69,1442.550 MB18
    Firefox/418,955132.133 MB8,911
    Firefox/327,92889.475 MB7,178
    Firefox/406,98684.904 MB6,870
    Firefox/544,891117.303 MB2,087
    Firefox/563,96467.059 MB1,870
    Firefox/573,00954.232 MB1,126
    Firefox/552,53835.538 MB943
    Firefox/261,20719.302 MB1,010
    Firefox/2573914.347 MB470
    Firefox/486805.580 MB401
4.Mozilla187,7242.446 GB74,446
    Mozilla/143623.511 KB43
    Mozilla/221.749 KB0
5.MSIE99,1011.515 GB89,448
    MSIE/644,443608.299 MB44,038
    MSIE/926,848314.704 MB25,767
    MSIE/714,209358.655 MB12,237
    MSIE/107,98995.640 MB3,097
    MSIE/84,615161.847 MB3,341
    MSIE/55786.373 MB578
    MSIE/111041.525 MB79
    MSIE/2981.057 MB98
    MSIE/371991.149 KB69
    MSIE/450771.129 KB50
6.LWP::Simple8,226128.477 MB236
    LWP::Simple/68,226128.477 MB236
7.Opera6,02329.709 MB5,936
    Opera/95,14520.178 MB5,064
    Opera/84224.949 MB422
    Opera/73163.162 MB316
    Opera/61181.165 MB118
    Opera/1219230.698 KB14
    Opera/11214.879 KB1
    Opera/5114.874 KB1
8.Sogou web spider4,75135.715 MB2,421
    Sogou web spider/44,75135.715 MB2,421
9.CCBot4,400118.168 MB3,435
    CCBot/24,400118.168 MB3,435
10.panscient.com3,52244.847 MB2,837
11.Barkrowler2,91572.584 MB2,716
    Barkrowler/02,91572.584 MB2,716
12.Googlebot-Image1,9926.805 MB40
    Googlebot-Image/11,9926.805 MB40
13.Barkrowler experimental crawler - 0.4.71,92224.704 MB1,749
14.ltx71 - (http:1,8135.289 MB377
    ltx71 - (http://ltx711,8135.289 MB377
15.Aboundex1,63428.926 MB1,295
    Aboundex/01,63428.926 MB1,295
 [not listed: 190]14,760581.982 MB10,243

This report was generated on July 30, 2018 12:13.
Report time frame December 31, 2016 18:59 to December 31, 2017 18:59.

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